Black Label Savannahs
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About Us

We are a large family, with a small in-home cattery!  Living in beautiful Bozeman, Montana we enjoy the mountains, fresh air, and lots of snow.  What started as a love for our pet Savannah cats, blossomed into a desire to breed so that we could share these amazing creatures with other families.  My past experience and a veterinary technician combined with a bustling household of animal loving children are the perfect recipe for producing healthy, well adjusted kittens.
Because Savannah cats should never be allowed to roam freely outdoors we've created a wonderful outdoor space for our cats to enjoy fresh air whenever they wish.

We've decided to focus our breeding program on the F2 generation for a couple of reasons.  First, this generation has a high enough percentage of Serval that you are guaranteed a truly unique personality and look in your Savannah.  Second, as a very small home breeding program our top priority is to provide a wild-looking cat who has been surrounded by children, dogs, and a busy household from the moment it was born.  This means we breed only 1-2 litters per year and focus on quality not quantity of kittens!

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